Facts speak louder; evidences decide the winner and laws defend rights.

Company Profile

China Sai'an Information Consultation Co., Ltd is a research company with strong research ability, perfect procedures, advanced equipments and high efficiency. It has formed a huge network of research in China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and so forth. We can help you with different investigations and evidences collection and provide professional legal services as we have professional experienced investigators, domestic well-known economic experts, Doctors of laws as our advisors and practical lawyers.

The main businesses of China Sai'an Private Detective Company are: business investigation, market research, enterprise Anti-counterfeit and safeguarding rights, intellectual property research, competitors investigation, fraud investigation, civil investigation, property investigation, identity investigation, marriage investigation and evidence collection, premarital investigation, extramarital investigation and evidence collection, extramarital love affairs investigation and evidence collection, investigation of mistresses, investigation of the secret lover, people and address search, loss search, cheat and fraud search, track investigation, investigation of children's behaviors at school, business information investigation, investigation of vehicle ownership and residential account, employee ‘s loyalty investigation, clear up defaults and debt redemption(resolution corporation, debt collection corporation), private star bodyguards, security protection and claims agents and lawsuit and legal service so forth.

Honesty is our company's basic principle, confidentiality is our service tenet, and seeking truth from facts, being professional and highly efficient and providing powerful evidences are our promises.

Evidences provided by Sai'an Detective Company include records, video, photos and registration documents of relevant departments and so forth.

Advantages of Company

  • Shenzhen Sai'an Investigation Company will sign confidentiality agreement with our customers based on the tenet of protecting their legal rights. We will definitely not divulge the information investigated and collected to any other detective companies so as to spare no effort to protect our customers' legal rights.
  • Shenzhen Sai'an Private Detective Company is formed by professional elite teams. It will investigate and collect evidences for each customer with its scientific and overall detective methods and quick, accurate and efficient information investigation and collection so as to resolve difficult investigation and evidences collection for every client at any time.
  • Shenzhen Sai'an Private Detective Company owns advanced high-tech equipments and wide network of private investigation, providing various powerful evidences like records and video to perfectly accomplish kinds of works of investigation and evidence collection.

Important customers


Company Pictures

  1. 深圳私家偵探,深圳私人偵探,深圳婚姻調查,深圳調查公司,深圳商務調查
    Company leaders took part in the Seminar on Cooperative Experience Exchange of China Business Consulting Companies in October 2008.
  2. 珠海私家偵探,珠海私人偵探,珠海婚姻調查,珠海調查公司,珠海商務調查
    Company leaders took photos in the Second Session of Folk Survey Industry Alliance Congress of China's Research Companies in December 2006.
  3. 中山私家偵探,中山私人偵探,中山婚姻調查,中山調查公司,中山商務調查

    Company leaders took part in the Foundation Congress of Folk Survey Industry Alliance of China's Research Companies in December 2004.
  4. 廣州私家偵探,廣州私人偵探,廣州婚姻調查,廣州調查公司,廣州商務調查
    Company leaders joined the Summit of China's Credit and Business Management Service Alliance in December 2007.
  5. 東莞私家偵探,東莞私人偵探,東莞婚姻調查,東莞調查公司,東莞商務調查
    One of the company leaders took a photo with Wang Xiaoya, a famous hostess of CCTV.
  6. 江門私家偵探,江門私人偵探,江門婚姻調查,江門調查公司,江門商務調查
    Sai'an Investigation Company of China issued the research results of marketing business to its customer.
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