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Enterprise Security Intelligence

廣州調查公司,深圳調查公司,廣東調查,珠海偵探公司,東莞調查公司,佛山調查公司,中山調查公司,順德偵探公司,香港調查公司,澳門調查公司,虎門調查公司,惠州偵探公司,湛江偵探公司,韶關調查公司,江門調查,肇慶調查公司The information security of the investment, research and development, and trade essentially decides the rise and fall of an enterprise. In a certain sense, if an enterprise pays much attention to its business security, it can be concluded that this enterprise regards its own business value as very important. Thus, we need to reevaluate and reconsider the significance of business security to us in the modern commercial environment.
Generally speaking, the business threat comes from two aspects in which the threat from the internal department of the enterprise accounts for the most—about 75%, and mainly includes confidentiality stolen by the commercial spy, confidentiality divulged by the enterprise stuffs who are related to it, enterprise internet intelligence pilfered by others, the outflow of core technology and so forth. Other threats mainly include fraudulent activities which the enterprise will meet in its investment and trade.
We collect information and materials from open files, patents, annual reports in the normal and legal way under the premise of abiding by the law and ethics standards, investigating the confidential intelligence, development strategies and the newest developing tendency of the business competitors.
I. The protection of enterprise business activities
We will help investigate the situation of the assets credit of cooperative partners and transaction objects and the reliability of the information given by them, provide research reports about business projects’ feasibility and fully supervise the cooperative partners and transaction objects.
II. The protection of enterprise confidential information
It mainly includes the protection of core technology, confidential information and intellectual property system, helping sign a confidentiality contract and establish a confidentiality agreement, formulating enterprise security confidentiality regulations, installing confidential equipments, investigating and supervising enterprise stuffs who are related to confidentiality, making enterprise security plan, and providing services against commercial spy.
III. Analysis on enterprise competition intelligence
We will design a knowledge management platform based on intelligence information for the customers a software platform about all kinds of reports based on the customer’s requirements; as the external organization of the customer’s intelligence research, we will make reports on all kinds of intelligence information and regular researches for the customer to become its intelligence center.
IV. Enterprise consultation
It is a major method to have a good knowledge about the competitors and obtain intelligence information. Based on its rich data resource and its intelligence analysis methods, Sai’an Investigation Company can provide reports about enterprise’s general situation, thorough analysis reports, and specialized consultant services according to their customers’ requirements. 

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